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We’ve been creating high quality Travel experiences & food gardens since 2007

Down Under Safaris is a small, local business dedicated to creating unforgettable travel experiences that leave you with a lifetime of memories.

We create personalised, private tours, tailor-made to suit your wishes. Whether you’re after long scenic hikes, wildlife encounters or relaxing outback retreats, we have the experience and connections to turn your dreams into a reality.

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We are passionate about working with Aboriginal communities, focussing on small-scale projects that improve quality of life while giving guests unique interactions with Aboriginal people in Aboriginal communities.

Born from Passion, Grown with Purpose: The Down Under Safaris Story


Down Under Safaris isn’t just a tour company; it’s the culmination of a lifelong love affair with Australia’s stunning landscapes and a deep commitment to giving back. Our founder, Scotty, has spent nearly 30 years exploring the diverse ecosystems of the continent, honing his expertise as a tour guide.

This passion for the outdoors was sparked early on. At just 7 years old, Scotty’s curiosity about nature blossomed as he nurtured his first vegetable garden. Over the years, his love for growing things flourished, with countless plants finding their home under his care.

Scotty’s adventurous spirit led him to leave home at 15, fueled by a desire to discover every corner of Australia. This thirst for exploration translated into an eclectic career path. From playing a key role in organizing the Dalai Lama’s visits to Australia since 2007, to founding a community service business focused on improving the lives of remote Aboriginal communities in the Top End, Scotty’s experiences instilled a strong sense of social responsibility. His passion for indigenous culture continues to be a driving force at Down Under Safaris.

Adding to his diverse experiences, Scotty continues to serve as an Aviation Rescue Firefighter, demonstrating his unwavering courage and dedication to serving the community. This experience further solidified his appreciation for the natural world and his desire to protect it.

Today, Down Under Safaris embodies Scotty’s combined love of exploration, sustainability, and cultural connection. We invite you to join us on unforgettable journeys, where you’ll experience the magic of the Top End while contributing to the well-being of its people and environment.


A World Traveler Rooted in the Top End: Becs’ Story

Becs, co-founder of Down Under Safaris, isn’t your typical Aussie. This adventurer made the bold move from the UK in 2017, drawn to Australia’s captivating landscapes and rich Aboriginal culture. This passion quickly translated into action. Since 2017, she’s donned the hat of a tour guide, sharing the wonders of the Top End with countless visitors.

But Becs’ commitment goes beyond tourism. Her background in Environmental Science and Geography fuels a deep desire to preserve this remarkable region. This dedication led her to manage the Aboriginal school bus service in Kakadu, ensuring children have access to education, and co-founding Sown Consciously, a community service business focused on supporting remote Aboriginal communities alongside Scotty.

Today, Becs’ enthusiasm for the Top End is infectious. She can’t wait to share her favorite hidden gems and local experiences with you. With her expertise and passion for sustainability, Becs ensures your Down Under Safaris adventure is not only unforgettable but also contributes to the well-being of the region.


Where Quality Tourism & Community Service Come Together

We’ve cultivated strong relationships with people in Aboriginal communities and local operators in the Top End. We offer unique experiences, connecting with Aboriginal people, learning from locals, and giving back to the communities we visit.


Travel In Comfort:

You will be travelling in a top-of-the-range 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser, well suited for the outback highways and the off-road dirt tracks while being comfortable and cool.

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