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Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Australia’s stunning Top End with Down Under Safaris, a company committed to sustainable tourism practices and supporting environmental conservation efforts.

We offer unique experiences that immerse you in the natural beauty of the region, while also respecting the delicate ecological balance.

Partnering with local communities and organizations like Sown Consciously, we strive to create a positive impact and leave the Top End even more remarkable for future generations.

Explore the Untamed Beauty of Australia’s Top End Responsibly:

Unforgettable Adventures with a Sustainable Focus

Down Under Safaris invites you to experience the raw beauty and rich culture of Australia’s Top End, all while traveling responsibly.

Immerse Yourself in Nature’s Wonders:

  • Diverse Landscapes: Journey through ancient rainforests, delve into the grandeur of Kakadu National Park, and cruise along majestic waterways teeming with life.
  • Unique Wildlife Encounters: Spot iconic saltwater crocodiles basking on the banks, witness the mesmerizing dance of birds in Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge).

Connect with the Land and its People:

  • Ancient Aboriginal Culture: Delve into the rich heritage of the oldest living culture on Earth. Learn about traditional land management practices and the profound connection between the Aboriginal people and the environment.
  • Meaningful Cultural Experiences: Participate in workshops led by local Aboriginal guides, or witness captivating ceremonies that connect you to the timeless spirit of the Top End.

Travel with a Conscience:

We take environmental responsibility seriously. We prioritize responsible practices that minimize our impact on the land we explore.

Leave a Positive Legacy:

Partnering with Sown Consciously, we offer opportunities to go beyond sightseeing. Participate in conservation efforts, contribute to cultural exchange programs, and ensure your journey has a lasting positive impact on the Top End for generations to come.

Join us on an unforgettable adventure that is kind to the environment and celebrates the unique spirit of this remarkable region.

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Top Destinations

Experience the Untamed Beauty of Australia’s Top End



Unforgettable Eco-Adventures in the Top End:

    • Kakadu National Park: Immerse yourself in World Heritage wonder. Explore ancient rock art, encounter iconic wildlife on an airboat cruise, and witness the grandeur of Kakadu’s landscapes – all while traveling responsibly.
    • Nitmiluk National Park: Journey through a labyrinth of towering sandstone gorges. Discover hidden waterfalls, delve into Aboriginal culture, and minimize your impact on this pristine natural paradise. 
    • Litchfield National Park: Explore a landscape of cascading waterfalls, refreshing swimming holes, and towering termite mounds. Experience the diverse flora and fauna with minimal environmental impact.
    • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park: Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) while respecting the cultural significance of these sacred sites. Travel with a company committed to supporting Indigenous communities and sustainable practices.
    • Partnering with Sown Consciously: On select tours, participate in citizen science projects that help preserve Top Ends ecosystem.


A Look Inside the ancient world

You’ll go home with more than just memories.

step into the ancient world of Australia’s Top End, where the vastness of time hangs heavy in the air. Tranquil billabongs echo with the calls of creatures unchanged for millennia. Explore the rugged terrain, where ancient rock art adorns hidden caves. Gaze upon the Ubirr rock art in Kakadu National Park, a breathtaking testament to Aboriginal culture for over 20,000 years. These paintings depict dreamtime stories, hunting scenes, and spiritual figures, offering a glimpse into a world steeped in tradition. Sacred sites whisper stories of creation passed down through generations, speaking of a profound connection to the land. Breathe in the crisp air, free from the constraints of time, and listen to the whispers of the ancient wind.

Join us on a journey into the heart of this ancient world with Down Under Safaris. Every step reveals a new chapter in a timeless story, waiting to be discovered.

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